He was probably the most secure human being I’ve ever met… There are so many of us that walk around with insecurities and what people think about us, and Matthew just didn’t care. He was playful, he was energetic, he had the greatest sense of humor. He was just an amazing human being. Tomorrow, our campus will probably be decked out in Hawaiian shirts because he brought Hawaiian Shirt Wednesday to Goucher with him from Texas. That’s just the type of kid he was. He was playful and energetic and confident, but yet just one of the smartest people you will ever meet.

Slightly puzzled Bmore didn’t make the list (since we do make so man similar ones), but an FYI if you wanna try someplace new after graduation…

This theory is probably somewhat true? Yes?


I’m pretty sure there’s a magical wizard who goes around at night opening up all the flower blossoms on the trees at Goucher College

It makes the most sense out of anything today. Or ever. 


Packard bus outside Women’s College of Baltimore City [Goucher College]
2220 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Maryland
circa 1910
Jeffres, Baltimore
9 1/4 x 7 3/4 inch mounted prints
Subject Vertical File (Buses)
Maryland Historical Society

Goucher College was originally called Women’s College of Baltimore City and was located on St. Paul Street in Baltimore. It moved to its current location in Towson, Maryland in 1953. The building depicted is currently home to the Baltimore Lab School.

Location today via Google Maps Street View:

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Great photos of the old St. Paul Street Campus.

Uh, oh, quick! Read a book! A real book!

Have you heard about the Pocket Anthropologist?  It’s a new tool that professor Robbie Blinkoff has been working on to help connect study abroad experiences with campus life.

Okay, Mortimer. We might believe you.

The Quindecim is seriously the most clever on April 1. Seriously. Hilarious. 

Pizza adventures to take in Baltimore.You won’t be disappointed. Doooooo it. 

Pizza adventures to take in Baltimore.
You won’t be disappointed. 
Doooooo it.